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What is CommunEcos?

CommunEcos is a nonprofit organization devoted to bringing people into connection with a sustainable and socially just life. It seeks to achieve these objectives in ways that are both practical and imaginative through workshops, presentations, collaborative social enterprise and on-site demonstration projects. Its Recyclique cooperative and shop  helps generate the revenue that makes this work possible, in addition to public donations.  Click here for info on our famous painted rain barrels.

Where are we?: 2811 Hillsborough Rd, Durham, NC (green house next to the Food Lion)

When are we open?:  We just expanded our hours!! We’re now open Wed., Thur, & Fri.  12-6 pm & Sat. 10am -5 pm.


NOTICE: We’re seeking a tenant for an Office/Retail space. Space is a 13.5 x 13.5 square foot room with 2 windows and a recessed former closet space, and adjacent hallway w/ shared restroom access. Room has a glass door to front porch facing street, includes wifi, utilities, signage and parking rights, shared staff option , 9-mo. min lease, $450/mo. Avail. 8/1.  We would love to find a compatible tenant who complements and supports our mission of promoting community sustainability. For more info or to arrange a tour of the space: yikes.contact@gmail.com.—————————————-


A note to our many Friends: If you’ve not come around lately, check us out – We been changin’!  Lots of new and improved inventory and displays; plus our drinks bar in the Ecolounge now serves affordable hot and cold drinks and tasty treats every Saturdays.  —————————————————

* CommunEcos, our non-profit, has sponsored nearly 200 sustainability education events since we opened our doors in 2011?! (many since 2013 co-sponsored with Transition Durham). ——————————————-

*Last winter, when our landlord needed to sell, dozens of supporters pitched in to help our non-profit purchase our building! ————————————————————————————————————————

*Since December Tana Hartmann has been developing our Ecolounge Café and upgrading the shop. ———————-

*In  March, PB Buttermilks Consignment Clothier opened in our eastern room facing the front porch, and we’ve cross-trained our staffs so both shops can be open more weekday hours (now 12-6 W-F!). [unfortunately PBB will close due to an overworked owner/manager at the end of July — see retail space notice above]——————————-

But the economy for retail lately has been rocky, compared to a year ago! In short, we are taking risks because we believe in this work, but we need your patronage to make it all work! Thanks to all our supporters and volunteers who help us thrive! –

This lackluster economy is hurting all retail operations. So if you are able to donate — we can use the help!  Donations are tax-deductible!  If you are able to donate, please write your check to “Communecos” and either bring by the shop or mail to: 2030 Englewood Ave., Durham, NC 27705. We will happily mail (or email) you a donation receipt!

What Does CommunEcos do?

First, it holds events, workshops, presentations and film showings with the purpose of bringing the principles of environmental sustainability and a socially just economy to a broader audience of interested and caring people. [see our Events page calendar  for info on upcoming events] We also have regular “how-to” or skillshare events to help people regain practical skills of  living that recent generations have forgotten, as well as new knowledge and skills for building sustainable lifestyles. We work closely with Transition Durham, and we seek to build mutually beneficial collaborations with other organizations and individuals working for similar goals.

Second, it works with its member artisans and craftspeople to “upcycle” (re-use and re-purpose) used and second-hand “stuff” to put it to sustainable use. By selling their creative products, it seeks to provide our members with a green income source at a time of broader financial crisis and artificially created scarcity.

Third, in its own design features, CommunEcos and its Recyclique Cooperative Store seek to provide practical demonstrations of how the stuff that people possess can be creatively re-used. We seek not only to talk about a sustainable life style in an urban environment, but to demonstrate how it can be lived as well, in areas not only of creative re-use but also in such areas as sustainable energy and food.

Fourth, by relying on our own model for generating green income from our rain barrel production and our artisan’s cooperative and its sales from our Recyclique shop, we seek to provide a model for a progressive autonomous nonprofit organization, which is neither beholden to large funders for its programs, nor commits its members to an endless chase for funding in competition with other worthwhile organizations.