The Trans-Pacific Partnership Endangers Democracy – by Don Nonini

Imagine it’s 2018 and that you are the owner of a small business in North Carolina with 60 employees that produces water filtration equipment used in sewage treatment plants. This year, you were particularly excited to hear of the state government’s new procurement program to help localities finance purchases of new filtration equipment to upgrade […]

England’s Remarkable Consumer Cooperatives: Lessons from Capitalism’s Past

By Jim Senter

The 2008 economic crisis has spurred interest in worker-owned cooperatives, but fewer Americans are familiar with consumer cooperatives and their rich history. The cooperative movement played a key role in working peoples’ lives during the difficult years of England’s industrial revolution. Many lessons from this history are relevant to our current struggle […]

Durham’s Initiative to “Repower our Schools” with Solar

I’ve often heard the advice “play to your strengths and manage your weaknesses”. We have a chance to do that here for NC public school students. We all know the weaknesses: • Lack of funds results in our being 47th in teacher pay and 48th in per student spending • Over 50,000 students miss school […]

Syriza and the Solidarity Economy in Greece – Lessons to Be Learned

by Don Nonini

  Most progressives here in the United States know little about Greece, a small country of 10 million people, with approximately the same population as North Carolina. They know even less about Syriza, the new party now in power whose leader Alexis Tsipras has become the Prime Minister after the January 25 […]

Sandy goes dumpster-diving

So it is Monday morning after Duke’s 2013 commencement weekend – and I put on old clothes and running shoes and head for campus. A year ago an outing on this day produced a windfall [3 carloads] of free perfectly good items from student dorm rooms that we rescued from […]

Visualizing your Water Usage

Visualizing your Water Usage, by GKay Bishop

The City of Durham water utility measures your usage in cubic ft.

Your bill shows the equivalent in gallons.

The water bill is calculated over a period of about two months.

How much water do you use […]

A Nation That’s Losing Its Toolbox


Michael Falco for The New York Times

Displays at Home Depot and other stores offer quick lessons in home projects. But they may also be a sign that mastering tools and working with one’s hands are receding as American cultural values.

By LOUIS UCHITELLE Published: July 21, 2012 NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. Enlarge […]

What is Odious Debt?

Why Icelanders Have A Case for Repudiating It

No to Odious Debt!

On April 16, 2011, the voters of Iceland, a small country of 320,000 people north of the Arctic Circle best known for its fishing fleet and sagas literature, rejected by a 60% vote an agreement that the Icelandic government and thus the […]