Transition Durham

In winter/spring 2017 Recyclique/Communecos led the process of rebooting Transition Durham, which was dormant in 2016, with the goal of building an action team for the shift to 100% renewable energy to forestall climate change. We will be working in collaboration with other activists in the Triangle, with a primary focus on local and state-level campaigns, but always attentive also to national issues. Email: @ to get on our email list. We’ll be doing education on the Jacobson Climate Solution plan for 100% renewable energy, and pushing for policy friendly to solar and wind.  We will also be opposing new oil/gas infrastructure such as the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) and the Duke University plan to build a new natural gas plant. (scroll down for Resources links)

 Upcoming Events  —

Speak Out Against Secrecy and Fracked Gas-Burning in Durham —

Join Duke U neighbors, students and faculty Monday to protest President Brodhead’s lack of transparency and refusal to debate outside experts about “global warming machine”

What: Campus Sustainability Committee Stakeholder Meeting
When: Monday, March 27th from 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Where *UPDATED LOCATION*: Gross Hall 107,
Ahmadieh Auditorium, 140 Science Drive, Durham

From Claire Wang, Duke Climate Coalition:  In the next four years, climate and environmental protections must be led by local actors — and Duke University is one of them. The natural gas plant proposed to be built on Duke University’s campus threatens the university’s climate legacy and, if approved, will usher in a new generation of polluting fossil fuel infrastructure and dependence. We cannot afford to invest in fossil fuels – not now, and not ever. Please email Duke University’s President Brodhead and President-elect Price today asking them to demonstrate true leadership by choosing renewable energy and rejecting the proposed natural gas plant. Go to for instructions and a sample script. Spread the word! Please forward this notice along to your networks, and ask your friends to participate in this coordinated action to make Duke University a climate leader.  –Sincerely, –Claire Wang, President, Duke Climate Coalition —;  ————————————————————————-

April 4 Sandra Steingraber, 7-9 pm, Stone Center at UNC,  on environmental toxins & climate justice

April 29 People’s Climate March in DC! Goal to double the 10 NC buses that went to NYC in 2014!!


Resources: Jacobson Climate Plan slides – NC