Jan 2017 – Peoples’ Action Guide

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“Join me in signing the petition to save health care for all Americans! Say no to repeal!”

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We have to band together to stop Republicans from taking our health care coverage away. If the law is repealed, millions of people will be left uninsured and the system could be on the brink of collapse. Republicans might get around to replacing…See More

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Invitation from AFL-CIO to sign a petition to tell the Senate to oppose Donald Trump’s nominee for treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin. In case you haven’t heard of Mnuchin, one headline recently called him “The Worst of Wall Street.”  Mnuchin profited off the 2008 housing crisis by foreclosing on tens of thousands of families. The banking company he owned, OneWest, has been accused of discriminating against people of color in its lending practices and trying to take away the home of a 90-year-old woman because of a 27-cent payment error.


A Fossil Fuel-Loving Climate Change Denier Leading the EPA?
Tell Your Senators to Aggressively Oppose Scott Pruitt.

If You Like Clean Air and Water…

Tell Your Senators to Keep Pruitt OUT of the EPA!

It’s hard to imagine a worse candidate to lead the Environmental Protection Agency than a guy who sued the EPA to overturn clean air and water rules. And yet his confirmation hearing starts today.

Take urgent action to block Scott Pruitt’s confirmation. Your health may depend on it.

Donald Trump has made a number of bizarrely inappropriate cabinet nominations, naming people with no relevant experience, serious conflicts of interest, or outright contempt for the offices they’ve been chosen to fill.

And his nominee for EPA Administrator, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, is no exception. Pruitt has been one of the EPA’s loudest opponents, suing the agency no fewer than 14 times to undermine environmental safeguards — and 13 of those lawsuits involved companies that had contributed money to either Pruitt himself or to a campaign committee affiliated with him.1

Ask your senators: How can we trust Scott Pruitt to enforce critical environmental regulations when he’s already fighting to undercut them and appears to be in the pocket of Big Oil and Gas?2,3

Pruitt has consistently sided with the oil and gas industry in disputes over Exxon’s climate deception, federal estimates of air pollution from gas drilling, and attempts to assess fracking’s impact on drinking water. He’s also a climate change denier.

Protecting clean air and safe drinking water isn’t exactly a radical idea, and it’s popular with people of all political stripes. But big oil and gas corporations find those protections inconvenient, and Scott Pruitt seems to prefer their welfare to ours. If he’s confirmed to lead the EPA, we could see a rollback of critical protections for your family’s health, as well as the undoing of policies to address climate change.

We are in a fierce battle to protect the EPA from a dangerous administrator like Scott Pruitt, and it will take a core of principled senators standing up against corporate influence to make it happen. Make sure your senators understand what’s at stake — we don’t want a future filled with loopholes for corporate polluters.

We’re already seeing that the Trump administration plans to give corporations unbelievable power to advance their agendas and put their quest for profits ahead of the needs of the people.

Time is tight, hearings are moving quickly, and we need to do all we can right now to keep Scott Pruitt out of the EPA. Please take action today with our sister organization, Food & Water Action Fund, to block this dangerous appointment.

Thanks for standing with us,
Amanda Byrnes
Online Campaign Organizer
Food & Water Watch


Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education—Michigan billionaire and proponent of school vouchers—Betsy DeVos has just testified before the US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP).  Betsy DeVos’ numerous projects include the disastrous effort to spread for-profit charters in Detroit, which failed to increase student achievement while allowing charters to operate with little accountability or oversight. She also has an appalling record on civil rights, which indicates she will be a threat to LGBTQ children, especially transgender students, who face prejudice, harassment and bullying in schools and suffer from higher rates of depression and suicide than non-LGBTQ classmates.

Which is why it is so important that you email —a member of the HELP committee—and demand that they block this disastrous appointment.

Betsy DeVos has never been elected to office, she has never taught in any school. Her entire rap sheet is comprised of doggedly advocating to take money out of public schools, put God at the center of all education and funnel money in for-profit education schemes that have left Michigan students far behind the curve.  With a Secretary of Education DeVos we can look forward to Trump’s plan to redirect some $20 billion dollars in federal aid to “school choice”—a buzz word we will also get our fill of if she gets the appointment that is code for “poor children don’t matter”—coming to fruition. Much of that money would come from Title I programs that act as safety nets for educational opportunity in the communities that need it most.

Send an email to HELP Committee member and demand the they vote against Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.

Keep Fighting,
Carissa Miller, Daily Kos

SPEAK OUT NOW >> A fringe group of right-wing extremists want to fundamentally rewrite our Constitution, and we must stop them. Tell your state lawmakers to say NO.

Dear Sandy,

Everyone is focused on this week’s inauguration — but there’s a major threat to our democracy on the horizon that you should know about.

Exploiting never-before used provisions of Article V of our Constitution, 28 states have signed onto an effort that would allow unelected, unaccountable delegates to rewrite the Constitution with zero checks and balances.

With only 6 more states needed to sign on, and with conservatives controlling a historic number of state legislatures, corporate front groups like ALEC are ready to spend huge sums of money this year to ram through an Article V convention.1

This is our last chance to prevent these far-right extremists from writing their agenda into our Constitution. We must organize in all 50 states — working with lawmakers in both parties to roll back the states that’ve already signed on while stopping new ones from joining.

Speak out against this attack on our Constitution. Tell your lawmakers to hold firm against an Article V convention.

Common Cause state organizations have led the defense against this shadowy effort to rewrite our Constitution for years — and we’ve learned how to work with lawmakers, Democratic and Republican alike, to effectively fight back. Just last year, we stopped Nebraska’s legislature from calling for a convention, while helping to repeal Delaware’s resolution of support.

There’s no telling how far ALEC and its fellow corporate lobbyists will go if they get their way, but their top priority is to place constitutional limits on government spending. That means unelected federal judges would decide our fiscal policy, instead of Congress — and it would limit lawmakers’ ability to respond to natural disasters, economic recessions, or other emergencies.

Some of the most ardent supporters of this “Article V Convention” want to enshrine in the Constitution far-right policies like strict voter ID, restricting women’s private reproductive health decisions, environmental deregulation, nationwide anti-union “right-to-work” laws, even rollbacks of marriage equality.

These are policies that haven’t been passed through the democratic process — so they’re trying to throw out democracy altogether.

Add your name and say you will stand against an anti-democratic “Article V convention”

Together, I know we can stop this,

Jay Riestenberg, Campaigns & States Media Strategist
and the team at Common Cause

P.S. If you want to get more involved to stop or roll back calls for a constitutional convention in your state, email grassroots@commoncause.org and we’ll connect you with Common Cause staff and activists near you.

P.P.S. If you’d like to learn more, read our report The Dangerous Path for more about how an Article V convention threatens our democracy.

1) http://inthesetimes.com/article/19811/constitutional-convention-of-states-alec-balanced-budget-corporate-america