Overview of our education activities

Educational activities such as presentations, discussion groups, workshops, seminars and film showings, are central to the mission of CommunEcos and the broader work we do to inform and engage with the broader public about the issues of sustainability, corporate power, and social justice that characterize our contemporary, deeply unequal, wasteful economy and political system based on the premise of infinite expansion and growth on a finite planet.

The issues that we most closely focus on in our educational work are sustainable futures around:

  • furthering autonomous, local and organic food systems
  • promoting renewable and local green energy systems
  • protecting the biodiversity of the planet’s damaged marine ecosystems
  • furthering the great variety of commons in which people both share and protect finite natural, social, intellectual, and cultural resources
  • enhancing local and community economies based on non-waged and non-industrial forms of fulfilling work, reciprocity, and equality along the lines of class, race and gender.

Our Events page has the latest calendar and info on upcoming educational workshops. Please see our Sustain workshop pageprojects page,  and our history page for more detail on educational programming and collaborations, including our participation in the DERC/Forest Foundation’s green jobs training and the recent renewable energy seminar with the NC School of Science and Mathematics