Communecos began in late May 2011.  Since we began, we’ve had workshops, film showings, and discussion groups in our Ecolounge social room about topics on the environment and economy.  These have been  diverse as hydraulic gas fracking, buying “stuff” we don’t need, vermiculture composting, seed saving for heritage tomatoes, home solar energy, and the causes of the mortgage foreclosure crisis.  We’ve hosted meetings of the Educational Committee of Occupy Durham, and Transition Durham.   We’ve recently started a reading group on Bill McKibben’s new book Eaarth.     We have a small but very fine collection of books on sustainability, the environment, and critical economics available to buy or simply to browse. In late October 2011, we started having coffee, tea, cider and pastries available for folks who drop by.   All these events in the Ecolounge are open to the public, and we welcome new connections with other Durham groups working on sustainability and alternative economies.

Our cool logos were designed by Roque Smith-Nonini.CommunEcos Center Sign