Rehashed Trash Bash

Rehashed Trash Bash- In Fall 2010 Dr. Sandy Smith-Nonini worked with a group of  10 UNC service learning students to sponsor an upcycling contest  –called The Re-hashed Trash Bash. The awards “bash” was held on campus, the evening of Thurs. Dec. 2, with enviro- education speakers, healthy food, and an awards ceremony.  The contest had categories for art and useful products, and a $100 top prize. It was open to high school students, university and the wider community — entries had to be made of at least 85% waste or recycled materials.

The prize for “Best in Show” — for an amazingly strong hammock made from plastic shopping bags — went to Sam Mize, former NC School of Science and Math student, now at NCSU. Prize winners in the products category included Sue Beauchamp (1st Prize) for her artistic envelopes and Kindle Cherry (2nd Prize) for a revamped floor lamp. Winners in the art category were Charron Andrews (1st Prize) for her eclectic shrine (made from everyday objects) and Diane Moritzio (2nd Prize) for her “Cherry Sky” mosaic from broken glass.

The “People’s Choice” award went to George Danser for his rotating composter, and the green job “Prototype” award went to the Recyclique co-op for an artistic rain barrel (painted by artist Kim Erny). Check out the winning entries from our Re-hashed Trash Bash upcycling contest on our FACEBOOK page.