The mission of CommunEcos is to:

  • work toward sustainability of life on earth and of human life within its ecological connections to all other forms of life; to work for social justice within the dimensions of class, racial, national and gender inequalities
  • promote through dialogue and demonstration, sustainable forms of livelihood that creatively re- use recyclable materials that are otherwise considered waste, and in so doing to provide opportunities for employment and income to artisans, artists, and craftspeople. We accomplish this directly through our Recyclique Cooperative.
  • decrease poverty and increase the resilience of community economies by conceiving and implementing alternative forms of economic practice which move toward the goals of sustainability and social justice
  • produce and support educational events about the ecological, economic, social and justice-related problems arising from corporate abuses of power, and how these problems might be addressed through alternatives
  • foster conversations involving academics, technical experts and the lay public about the need to transform our current globally-sourced, corporate-based food and energy systems through appropriate knowledge and technologies in the direction of greater sustainability, local control, and accountability
  • work on behalf of the long-term sustainability and viability of the world’s oceans, its ecological systems, and the human livelihoods these sustain.