Repair Cafe

Toss it?  No way!

Repair Cafe

Beginning in August 2012 Recyclique joined with Splatspace, a hacker space in downtown Durham, to start a  Repair Cafe network in Durham.  Repair Cafe, which began in the Netherlands, has become a popular venue for person-to-person skill-sharing for fixing, repairing or refurbishing items we use in daily life, so as to reduce waste, save money and increase self-reliance.   It has formed as a community response to the impersonal economy of corporate consumerism which has promoted consumption as the answer to all ills, creating an ethos which disrepects and denigrates those who work with their hands.

Our first event on Sat. Aug. 25th was “Practical Sewing Skills,” led by LaKrisha Mauldin at Recyclique, 2811 Hillsborough Rd.

Planned events:

Mon. Sept. 10th  – 6-8 pm –“How to repair electronic devices,” led by Ryan Sturmer, at Splatspace, located in the basement of the Snow Bldg., at 331 W. Main St.

Sat. Oct. 13th – 2-4 pm — “How to repair and rewire lamps,” led by Nathan Swanson, at Recyclique, 2811 Hillsborough Rd.