We are most well known for our upcycled rain barrels painted with ecological designs.

These are made with 55-gal plastic barrels previously used for non-toxic uses (water soluble contents) which one of our members converts into rain barrels by adding a screen over a half-moon opening on top, a brass faucet at bottom (using a special no-leak conduit insert), and an overflow. We sand the outsides and paint them with a primer that sticks to plastic, plus either a solid topcoat (our barrels are usually white and an opaque exterior retards the growth of algae inside) or our painters do an ecological design.  We also have rain barrel painting parties and booths at festivals at which young people and adults paint barrels for fun.

Solid color barrels: $65; With designs (when in stock): $75; Custom orders (or for eco-designs we do not have in stock): $85. We also do cheap delivery in Durham city area: free to Watts-Hillandale/Old West Durham neighborhoods, and $10-15 for Durham/Chapel .Hill cities or close-in country.  But most cars with a hatchback or large trunk will be able to haul a barrel so you can probably carry your own.

Barrels placed under your gutter will fill up rapidly in a heavy rain, and will help you conserve water and keep your garden healthy during dry periods. Plus they allow you to  control run-off in rainy weather or storms.  You can also stack barrels, and daisy-chain them together –one higher, one lower at a point of  heavy flow to get more storage and stronger pressure. A quarter mosquito dunk per month in summer will add extra insurance against mosquito larvae. For more info, and to see what’s in stock, come by the store during our open hours, or email: yikes.contact @ gmail.org.