What’s new in the shop

Our Hours: 1-5:30 pm Wed, Thurs, Fri 

&  10 am-5 pm Sat.

Recyclique Specials are announced each week in our weekly newsletter — to get on the list for it email Sandy at: yikes.contact@gmail.com.   The bulk of our items are very affordable, and we manage to find lots of interesting used and refurbished or crafted inventory, so no special is needed to get bargains and the perfect “find” in the shop!

Student Discounts: We have an ongoing year-round student special in which shoppers who show  a student ID can get a 10% discount on their purchase. Discounts cannot be combined, however, so you have to choose one.

Our specials apply to co-op-owned items only most of the time (not to vendor-owned items), and co-op-owned items are most items in the store – Look for Item #s that start with 10.   But sometimes we also have sales on vendor-owned items.

———-What’s New in the Shop? ————-

Tall glass cafe table for your porch or sunroom

Portable kitchen bar in blonde wood; extendable counters

Modernist style large glass top coffee table

Books on gluten-free cooking, computer hacking, robot building & the Zinn guide to Mountain Bike Maintenance; more sci-fi/fantasy

New framed classical religious & modernist art;

Handmade African animals — carved wood, glass and ceramic

 handmade jewelry w/ crystals/semi-precious stones, upcycled decoupage bottlecap earrings

Banda Zulu fair trade necklaces from South Africa

great collection of CDs, DVDs

Books on renewable energy, on greening your lifestyle, on how-to topics, organic gardening and cooking, self-help, childcare, healing, traditions of spirituality, politics and money, culture, history, science fiction, mysteries, contemporary fiction, educational books for teachers and home schoolers, children & tweens to teens. . . (and more)

Check out our chic reuseable totes from upcycled pet-food bags, made locally by Jen-Jen

What else is cool? — Fandragon’s upcycled  Steam Punk Jewelry — earrings and pendants made from layered woodgrain, old piano keys and tiny gears and metallic parts from the insides of old watchs!

 In our sustainable/organic  dept:  Dog treats from spent grain used in local beer-making; clotheslines, beer-brewers aids. For gardeners:  Self-watering pots,  Neem Oil natural insecticide spray concentrate and Dr. John’s Lady bug organic fertilizer concentrate – both in small affordable quantities. Buy only as much as you need!   1.5lb  or 5 lb. bags of Worm Castings –nature’s most perfect plant food.  Mix it with your potting soil, or sprinkle it around plants or make worm poop tea!